Yes! It can be this much fun!

Yes! It can be this much fun!


Many a bride and some grooms dream of the big day and that perfect Wedding First Dance! In those few moments, the bride and groom amaze the crowd with their creativity and ability to move together. Yet the time spent planning and working together is what will stay with the couple for years after the event.

In each dance lesson, the couple will escape from the stresses of planning weddings, working jobs, managing families, and organizing life. The sole focus will be each other—learning something new, creating something beautiful, and having fun together!

In the Wedding Introductory Lesson, couples will learn the etiquette and basics of the dance floor, learn some new dances, and plan what would work perfectly for their first dance. By the time this first lesson is over, a vision of how to enter the floor, an idea of what the dance will look like, and an excitement about the finale will be taking shape.

In the lessons that follow, that vision of a perfect Wedding First Dance will become reality!

Looking for Mother/Son and Father/Daughter dances? We do those too! It’s is a blast when the two families come together to plan the dances for the reception. In the week before the wedding, a final session is scheduled to practice the dances and how the reception will flow. This can be a fun party for the dancers, the extended family and out of town guests! We break out the wine (or coffee) and snacks and have a great time dancing!