Hold your head up high and people will know you're a dancer...

Today I was driving around town putting up signs about Bourbon and Ballroom on community boards. I hit the chain grocery stores and coffee shops, and some local spots including Sacred Grounds on Main St. As I worked out how to get my nifty little sign up on the front window with the help of the employees but without the help of tape, I caught the eye of a fellow cafe goer. She was curious about what I could be posting. Before I could explain, she said, “It must be about dance. You look like walk like a dancer. I can sense the invisible string pulling through the top of your head.”

Thankfully, she was not calling me a puppet of unseen forces! She was referring to the posture and confidence with which dancers conduct themselves. Exploring motion as a form of art and expression gives insight into how your body works and how you can use it to express your deepest thoughts and emotions. Dance is an amazing way to learn total body and self awareness. With that body awareness comes confidence that spills over into everyday life—even when you’re trying to put up a sign without tape!

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash